Instruction for Fiberglass Platform Ladder

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Instruction for Fiberglass Platform Ladder


1. Use it facing the front of the ladder. (in the direction that is not easy to fall)

2. The center of gravity on the ladder must not be partially carved.

3. Please support the stomach with strong knots on both sides.

4. Do not carry heavy tools on the ladder. (tools need to be placed in the tool box)

5. Wear working shoes and have anti-slip effect.

6. Please let your hands, feet, and ladders hold three points when climbing ladders. (such as 2 hands and 1 child, 1 hand and 2 feet).

7. Please stand on the platform.

8. Two people with bricks cannot use the same ladder.

9. Do not use across ladders and walk.



Focusing on inspection before use(visual ladder status)

· Platform ladders on whether grease stains, mud, snow, water and other slippery substance or Unable to clean up state.

· Straight and whether there is distortion pedal, twist loose and other conditions.

·Straight bar and pedaljoints for corrosion, cracked or badly rusted condition.

· Are there loose screws or rivets off, loss and other conditions.

· Accessories·ladders on the loose, lost and dangerous problem use. 

· Warning labels fall off or lost, resulting in ladders can not read the message.


Focusing on inspection before use(touch ladder status)

· Make sure each step of ladders for loose or unstable situation.

· Try to open and close co-of ladders to confirm whether the smooth open and close together.

· Hold the left and right side of ladders, of ladders to confirm whether there is not solid, loose situation.

· When of ladders open, whether there will be on both sides of the connecting rods or joints really spread out firm conditions. 

· When open, spread out smoothly and without any accessories fall.