Black oxidation treatment for ladders

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Black oxidation treatment for ladders

The commonly used black oxidation treatment on the surface of aluminum alloy is a dyeing solution prepared by passing aluminum in a sulfuric acid electrolyte through an electric current to form a thin oxide film of about 10 microns on the aluminum surface. Perform dyeing treatment.


Because the artificially formed oxide film has many small pores that are invisible to the naked eye, melanin can enter all the pores, making the silver-white aluminum surface black.


In order to achieve a black matte, sandblasting can be performed before oxidation to form a matte surface, which becomes matte black after oxidation and coloring.


The black oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy surface is a very complicated process. Various colors (colors) can be obtained through oxidation. A variety of chemical raw materials are required, mainly various acids, such as phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other chemical raw materials. , To go through many processes, it must be heated.


The new aluminum-alloy chemical blackening technology is used to chemically color the aluminum alloy treated with alkaline chromate oxidation solution, and obtain a bright color, good bonding force, strong corrosion-resistance, and good decoration and anti-corrosion effects. Black oxide film.


The aluminum alloy of our DR.LADDER is anodized black oxidation, corrosion resistance, not easy to damage.