Mobile Scaffolding Systems

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Mobile Scaffolding is generally called mobile scaffolding. Its main feature is that it can directly move the adjusting rods of the joint casters during use on uneven ground. There is an adjustable difference of 40cm. This design is to facilitate safe operation on steps, lawns, and sand. Movable scaffolding is equipped with wheels, some can be braked, some are not. Generally, the regular ones will have brake rollers to prevent movement during operation. The crossbars and diagonal bars of the entire platform frame are all manufactured with no welding process, which increases the service life and load-bearing capacity and ensures the safety of high-altitude operations.

Movable scaffolds are made of steel, iron, and aluminum. Now they are generally made of aluminum, which is safe, light, and fast. In addition to the movable casters, the support frame is also movable and detachable. The top can be removed for heightening, or inclined support can be added for stability.


The whole tower of the movable scaffold is light in weight. The weight of a double-wide set of 3 meters in height is about 36kg, which is about 1/3 of the steel scaffold of the same height. It is convenient and smart to use, indoor decoration, outdoor advertising, equipment installation, construction, Daily maintenance of the factory, high-altitude cleaning, and many other uses. It is not restricted by height and space when in use. The width of the platform frame is divided into 0.75 meters and 1.35 meters. The single width 0.75 can be used for operations in the narrow space, and the floating-style can be built, flower beds, swimming pools, and other places are convenient and quick to use. In the construction of streets or bridges, the gantry style is not only good-looking, but also practical and convenient. The labor cost for installation and disassembly is low, and it can be completed by ordinary workers skilled in the operation without the need for professional technicians.

The total load-bearing capacity of the T6-6061 aluminum alloy scaffolding with a wall thickness of 2mm is 1000kg. The tower and cantilever erection methods have low labor intensity, high speed, no loose parts, and no loss. The efficiency of the movable steel scaffold is more than a little improved. , As the accessories of the aluminum frame are composed of an aluminum frame climbing ladder, horizontal pull tube, diagonal pull tube, window platform pedal, triangle brace, adjustable caster, spring buckle, D-shaped spring buckle, aluminum fence, and skirting board, so the collection volume Small, low cost of the warehouse and convenient transportation. Non-standard scaffolding can be customized and produced, which is generally suitable for fixed operations in a certain place, that is, it is changed to a working platform.

Movable scaffolding can be equipped with either a straight climbing ladder or an inclined climbing ladder. The straight climbing ladder is installed vertically on the side of the scaffold. The distance between each step is 46cm, which is in line with the climbing habits of the human body. Inclined ladders are aluminum ladders installed on both sides of the scaffold at both ends. It is safer to use this type of ladder when the tower height exceeds 10 meters. The caster can withstand a load of 5.0kN and can break. For example, the caster has no braking torque, or the workload is large, and the height is required to be high, the bottom can be used to increase the load-bearing pole or add inclined support or pull after it is in place. The rope is temporarily fixed to enhance its stability.