Aluminum ladder or fiberglass ladder?

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Aluminum ladder or fiberglass ladder?



When purchasing a ladder, it is essential to choose the material from which it is made and this is done according to its purpose of use. Among the different options of stairs that exist in the market, we can find aluminum ones and also fiberglass ones, but between these two types, which one is a better option?

To know which option is indicated, it is advisable to first think about the use that will be made of the stairs. Although the aluminum ones are much cheaper than the fiberglass ones, they are ideal more than anything for domestic use. But if what you are considering is to carry out work that requires closeness to electricity, it must be taken into account that this material is a high conductor of it, which is fiberglass step ladder for example the DR.LADDER fiberglass ladder.

Characteristics of aluminum stairs

·Its light weight, they do not rust and they are resistant even to the elements.

·They are versatile in terms of their use because they can be used for household activities, in shops, workshops and any business.

·They are easy to maintain.

· They are malleable.

Characteristics of fiberglass stairs

·They are ideal for working on electrical installations.

·They are recommended for commercial and industrial activities.

·They have a variety of steps according to their application.

·Supports 4 times the indicated load capacity.

Advantages of fiberglass ladders

Fiberglass is a material that in recent years has gained popularity and has had multiple applications in the industrial sector. This material is made with glass strands that are woven to create a kind of mesh. Stairs made of fiberglass have the following advantages:

·They have electrical insulation, so they are ideal for areas that require this type of work.

· They have great mechanical hardness.

·They are resistant to humidity.

· They have anticorrosive qualities.

·Have a longer useful life than other materials.

·Serve to be used in areas of: Telecommunications, electricity, chemical, industrial, among others.

·In addition to isolating electricity, fiberglass also isolates chemical agents.

·Resistant to climatic changes.

· They do not need much care and maintenance.

Fiberglass ladders will allow you to carry out industrial activities that require work with electricity, providing greater safety and better working conditions. Request a quote without obligation, at DR.LADDER we have a team of experts who will gladly advise you.

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