Aluminum mobile scaffold DR.SCAFFOLD

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Aluminum mobile scaffold DR.SCAFFOLD

Mobile tower rental

Scaffolding rental

 With the rental of our mobile towers all are advantages: avoiding storage problems after their use, without the need to make investments, knowing the cost before starting the work, using the most appropriate equipment for each type of work and knowing that it is fulfilled with current regulations.

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Sale of mobile towers

Scaffolding sale

The quality of our mobile towers involves state-of-the-art production processes, carefully selected materials, intelligent automation and highly skilled workforce. A successful purchase as our products comply with the latest safety standards and have EN131 AS certificate approval.


Our courses

At we have been scheduling various safety courses in the assembly, use and disassembly of scaffolding, in which you can discover the possibilities offered by mobile towers, how safe they are and how easy it is to mount them.

Ask us about your training needs.

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