Aluminum alloy inner climbing scaffolding certificate

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Aluminum alloy inner climbing scaffolding certificate

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Double fall-proof safety guarantee, heavy protection-mutual pull protection: damage to one machine position will not cause the domino effect of the corresponding machine position damage. The second protection-passive anti-dropping device is foolproof: at least two anti-dropping devices work in each position. The width of the scaffolding aluminum alloy is generally about 2m, and the minimum is not less than that. The scaffolding subcontracting of the aluminum alloy inner climbing scaffolding certificate is a professional subcontracting.

Good overall performance: equipped with vertical and horizontal locking devices such as pedals, parallel frames, wall pipes, horizontal and cross rod pipes. The bearing force is reasonable: the vertical pipe directly bears the pressure, and the performance indicators meet the construction needs. Good fire resistance, all main frames and accessories are made of steel. The construction load and the width of the frame surface of the structural scaffold are generally greater than that of the decoration scaffold, so it can be directly used for decoration operations after the completion of the structural engineering. The use of portal scaffolding and simple roof trusses can form temporary construction site dormitories, warehouses or sheds. Used to set up temporary viewing stands and stands. The aluminum alloy scaffolding has an ultra-wide and stable working platform. The highest platform height includes the inspection platform, which allows the ladder to enter the upper step platform. The standard adjustable screw jack can be used on uneven surfaces. The large 8-inch (200 Mm) Unmarked casters, complete work instructions, fully welded structure, super tough T6 aluminum frame and support, quick setting and pull-down time, weather-resistant platform made of marine-grade plywood, lockable rotating casters, convenient and quick Land resettlement, designed for industrial and trade applications.


Aluminum alloy; the number of paving layers and load control of the transfer platform between the vertical transportation facility and the scaffolding shall be implemented in accordance with the design regulations, and the number of paving layers and the overloading of materials on the transfer platform shall not be arbitrarily increased. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit and inquire, enhance friendship, seek common development, and create brilliance together! The main advantages of steering fasteners are high hardness, strength and toughness. It has the following advantages: the hardened layer has a finer martensite structure.

1. The safety net should not be too tight during installation. After choosing the 3m and 4m wide aluminum alloy for installation, the horizontal projection of the width is respectively and. 2. The hook and loop of the safety belt should be hung firmly on the mooring point during operation.

3. The quality of scaffolding components and erection quality shall be inspected and accepted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 8 of this code, and shall be used after being qualified. The length of the pole length of the aluminum alloy internal climbing scaffold is the step distance h of the scaffold. Because the scaffold is double-row, it must be multiplied by 2, and then multiplied by the weight of each meter of steel pipe is equal to the weight of the pole in one step and one vertical distance.