European standard aluminum scaffolding company

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The company that specializes in renting/renting aluminum scaffolding started today. I wish you all a prosperous business and wealth.

In addition to meeting EN1004 European and American standards, the aluminum alloy scaffolds rented by Shenzhen Tenda are in line with local policy implementation standards and safety department audit standards under the booming construction environment. It is particularly important to meet the construction standards of the building materials industry. The aluminum alloy scaffolds leased from Shenzhen Tenda’s Dr. Ladder brand have the following characteristics:

*Easy to reach aluminum pillar horizontal formwork system•Suitable for building independent floor cantilever scaffolding

*Nodal load capacity is the strongest in the industry•Sturdy structure, safe and reliable

*Lightweight•High carrying capacity

*Unique patented design of non-welding safety connector•Ensure that the node will never fall

*Small storage volume•Easy to handle and very low storage cost

*High configuration randomness•Unlimited extension of functions•Wide usage

*Accessories are not easy to lose, with the lowest loss and maintenance rate

*Single pole all-around plum wreath multi-directional design, suitable for any complex architectural environment

*Assembling and disassembling is quick and easy, and labor is extremely low. Save expenses


Rental aluminum scaffolding brand: Dr. DR.LADDER ladder

Product Name: Aluminum Scaffolding

Rentable aluminum alloy scaffolding, quick-installation of movable towers, maintenance and installation of tower scaffolds, single-tube quick-installation racks, maintenance racks, overhanging bridge rack systems. Suspended scaffold-cantilever rack-tunnel support frame-arc frame and stage frame-aluminum ladder frame.

DR.LADDER brand aluminum mobile scaffolding conforms to EN1004:2004 standard. Design and manufacture with the highest level of international safety and quality standards.

Safe load: Each working platform board can support an average of 272 kg; the maximum load of each tower is 1000 kg.

Precautions for leasing aluminum scaffolding:

1) The staff must wear safety belts during construction and high-altitude work. Please install safety nets around the work area to prevent heavy objects from falling and hurting others

2) Aluminum scaffolding is light in weight, so be careful not to use it under high wind conditions. We recommend that when the wind speed reaches 7.7 m/s or more, you should stop working on the tower

3) The requirements for the foundation are the same as those of general aluminum alloy scaffolding. When the foundation is uneven, please use adjustable base feet, adjust to the working height and lock the casters to achieve balance. The foundation must be able to withstand the scaffolding and pressure during work