Management of Shenzhen Aluminum Scaffolding

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Features of aluminum scaffolding:

1. Wide use, indoor and outdoor decoration, store billboards, bridges, building supports, wall steel scaffolding, etc.

2. Multifunctional single-use, dual-use, mobile, simple and quick to use.

3. High efficiency and flexibility, quick disassembly and assembly, no screws, and a multiplier efficiency.

4. Large bearing capacity and good stability.

5. It is safe and reliable, with good self-locking ability of joints and standard series.

6. Easy to manage and neatly stacked.

7. Light weight, nai use, reusable, economical and practical, low cost, small space occupation and long use time.


Shenzhen mobile quick-installed aluminum alloy scaffolding has a wide range of applications. Because of its higher safety and convenient use, it can not only solve various problems encountered in high-altitude operations, but also save costs. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction and maintenance of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, halls, decoration companies, property companies, factories, shopping malls, schools, power plants, airports, hospitals, theaters, theaters, churches, temples and other buildings.

Management of Shenzhen Aluminum Scaffolding:

1. The construction load per square meter of the scaffold is no more than 200kg, and only two-step scaffolding is allowed to pile up at the same time. Overloading is not allowed. The debris on the scaffold needs to be cleaned up in time.

2. It is strictly forbidden to pull the cable wind rope and set up the lifting handle on the scaffold, and it is not allowed to feed materials from the scaffold by means of diagonal pull and oblique crane.

3. Scaffolding rods, fasteners and rigid knots are strictly prohibited to be dismantled at will, and offenders shall be dealt with strictly.

4. The scaffolding acceptance stipulates that it shall be accepted every three steps, and it can be used only after the company's quality safety department signs and agrees.

5. Complete the scaffold inspection and maintenance management system at the construction site. The scaffold project department checks every half a month, and immediately deals with hidden dangers found.

6. The outer side of the outer frame near the high-voltage line should be isolated by insulating plates, and be hung firmly to ensure the safety.