Application range of aluminum alloy scaffolding

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Application range of aluminum alloy scaffolding

The aluminum alloy scaffold rented by Shenzhen Tenda Safety Technology R&D Co., Ltd. has a wide range of applications, and its application scope is as follows: 1. Support construction formwork projects (including road and axial construction);

2. High and low-rise building exterior wall scaffolding;

3. Large, medium and small warehouse racks (three-dimensional warehouse racks);

4. Fitting works and electrician high operation "work platform" and ship repair front-end external scaffolding;

5. Concerts, sports games, temporary stands, viewing platform lighting stations, advertising frames and festivals, gates, etc.; 6. Construction unit activity sheds.

The vertical rod is a vertical force-bearing rod, and the bracket is formed by the tie rod. The connecting point of the bracket can withstand bending moment, punching shear and pouring. , To form a space support structure with good overall stability.

The inspection and acceptance of aluminum alloy scaffolding should focus on the following items:

1. The even wall fittings should be well set up;

2. There is uneven balance on the foundation of the vertical pole, and the contact between the adjustable base of the vertical pole and the foundation surface is loose or suspended; 3. The setting of the inclined pole and the scissor brace should meet the requirements;

4. The outer safety net and the horizontal network between the building floors should meet the requirements of the special construction plan; 5. The re-inspection qualification record of the support components used in turnover before use;

6. The erected construction records and quality inspection records should be timely and complete.

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