What to pay attention to when buying aluminum scaffolding

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What to pay attention to when buying aluminum scaffolding


Stabilizer bar design: A stabilizer bar is added to the bottom of the ladder, and the sliding device is installed at the other end of the stabilizer bar. It will increase the balance and stability of the ladder so that you can be technically effective and can prevent finger injuries. At the same time, it ensures the safe compression and short-circuit of each part. The smart lock pin is convenient and light: this retractable aluminum ladder also has a key recovery function. Just press the two buttons at the bottom of the ladder at the same time, and the ladder will automatically shrink out. Without effort. This ladder is lightweight and can be carried. Durable and safe: The extension ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is strong and has a load-bearing capacity of 330 pounds. This telescopic ladder also complies with the EN131 safety standard, giving you peace of mind. Scope of application: The maximum height of this telescopic ladder is feet (meters), and people can use it on different occasions, such as changing light bulbs, painting openings, cleaning windows, etc. I believe that telescopic ladders can bring great convenience to people.


Upgrade material: The telescopic ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The aluminum surface is oxidized to extend the life of the folding ladder. The plastic part is reinforced with nylon fibers to improve load capacity, stability, aging resistance and extend service life. What is needed is that our telescopic ladder is light and durable, with the greatest bearing capacity. 330 lb/150 kg. One-key contraction: Convenience is the key! Compared with other ladders on sale, our foldable ladder only needs to press the thumb button, and the ladder will slide down effortlessly. It only takes a few seconds to retract the ladder from the full extension. Safe and convenient. Smart locking mechanism design: We have upgraded the internal structure of the ladder. Our aluminum telescopic ladder has a smart locking mechanism at each stage (the red button under the ladder, you can also adjust the height of the ladder as needed.) Every step is Shrinking slowly and smoothly, the problem of pinching is completely resolved. Portable and easy to store: Outer scaffolding area

The specific algorithm: (1) The height of the external wall scaffolding of the building purchase is calculated from the designed outdoor floor to the cornice (or the top of the parapet); the amount of work is based on the length of the outer wall of the external wall (the protruding wall width is greater than 240mm, etc.) The size shown in the figure is expanded and calculated and incorporated into the length of the external wall), multiplied by the height and calculated in square meters. (2) The masonry height below 15m is calculated as a single row of scaffolding; the height is above 15ml or the height is less than 15m, but the exterior wall doors, windows and decoration area exceed the surface area of the exterior wall by more than 60% (or the exterior wall is cast-in-place concrete wall, For light-weight block walls), double-row scaffolding is used; when the height of the building exceeds 30m, double-row scaffolding can be purchased according to the engineering conditions. When buying aluminum scaffolding, you need to pay attention to what working platform can be built in each step, and each interval is 50cm high. Because of its perfect assembly function, it is very flexible and has high parts utilization.


The dismantling sequence should be carried out from top to bottom layer by layer, and simultaneous operation up and down is strictly prohibited. The rods, connectors, springboards and other materials that have been removed should be slid and thrown down. The scaffold rods and boards that have been disassembled (disassembled) shall be disassembled all at once. The safety protection facilities on the construction steel pipe scaffold should be able to effectively provide safety protection, prevent the objects on the frame from rolling and sliding down, and prevent people from falling, slipping, and hitting objects. To build a high-rise tower, it consists of two parts: the main frame and the auxiliary frame. When the height of the platform is greater than 15 meters, the auxiliary frame needs to be built, up to 48 meters. The inner scaffolding uses less materials, but is frequently assembled and disassembled, so it is required to be light and flexible, and convenient to assemble and disassemble. There are many types of structure, such as folding type, pillar type and gantry type.


Due to the small amount and light weight, the operator can assemble more conveniently. Tie-up and disassembly fees, transportation fees, rental fees, and maintenance fees will all be saved accordingly, generally 30% can be saved. Because of the internal and external processing of the hot-dip galvanizing process and strict manufacturing process control, the service life of the product is higher, the cost amortization is reduced, and the safety hazard caused by the inconsistent product carrying capacity caused by corrosion is completely eliminated. . There are three main uses of scaffolding accessories: main components, auxiliary components, and special components. Used to form the main body of the wheel buckle scaffold. There are two specifications for the vertical rod and the ejector rod; the aluminum alloy is welded to the rod with a 600mm pitch, and the vertical rod and the ejector rod are used in conjunction with each other to form a bracket of any height. When connecting the vertical poles, the joints should be staggered. After reaching the top layer, the top poles of two lengths are used for leveling. Used for rod parts such as working surface and Coanda tie. Intermediate crossbars are specially designed rods to meet the needs of ordinary steel or wooden scaffolds. They can be erected anywhere between the main frame crossbars to reduce the supporting distance and support the scaffolds. Used as a pole part for special purposes. The cantilever frame is composed of pick rods and struts fixed on the support frame in the floor with platform frame accessories. It is used to set up a cantilever frame on it, which can be picked out directly from the building without embedding parts in the wall structure. The four large holes are dedicated for inclined rods.


The main materials of disc scaffolding are divided into national standard Q235 steel pipe and Q3 note 45B low-aluminum alloy steel pipe. The strength of low-alloy steel pipe is higher than that of traditional scaffolding ordinary carbon steel pipe (1.5-2 times of the national standard Q23, and low-alloy steel pipe scaffolding is used High strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance, high economic and social benefits. Sufficient strength, rigidity and stability. During construction, under various loads, the scaffold will not deform, shake, or tilt.

1. When installing, align the notch of the upper bowl buckle with the limit pin, and then lift the upper bowl buckle (slide up along the vertical rod), insert the crossbar connector into the round groove of the lower bowl buckle, and then align the upper bowl buckle Slide down along the limit pin and rotate in a clockwise direction to fasten the crossbar joint, and firmly connect with the vertical rod to form a frame structure. 2. Everyone knows that there are many types of scaffolding, and most of them are used in construction. Today, I will briefly introduce one kind. Our scaffolding scaffolding produced by Cao Cheng Co., Ltd. can learn about its related knowledge casually. Take a closer look.

3. The poles at the bottom of the scaffold should be stabilized by golden bases, soil pads, and sweeping poles. When buying aluminum alloy scaffolding, you need to pay attention to what floor height exceeds 4m, and then encrypt it in the horizontal direction. If the floor height exceeds 6m, install a diagonal steel wire rope every 6m in the horizontal direction.