Aluminum scaffolding for construction in railway and subway tunnels

Industry I 2021-01-18, Number of views:32

After close cooperation between our company and customers, our company has specially designed and manufactured aluminum alloy scaffolding aerial work vehicles for railway and subway tunnel construction operations. This product is mainly for emergency repair and troubleshooting of railways and subway tunnels, as well as daily maintenance. Use of the contact network. At the same time, we are aiming at the semicircular tunnel operation. The traditional maintenance ladder truck cannot satisfy the platform thrown out on both sides, so the semicircular position on both sides of the tunnel cannot be constructed. Aiming at this position, we specially designed the throwing platform on both sides, and the throwing size is 1500mm. This size can also be extended or shortened according to customer needs. This project uses Dr. Ladder's single-width vertical ladder-type aluminum alloy scaffolding as a high-altitude maintenance tool. The total height is 7.5 meters. It is fast and flexible to build and can be used in narrow spaces. The on-site construction speed is fast, the use process is stable, safe and reliable, and has been unanimously approved by the construction party. The ladder frame structure combines the advantages of higher strength and durability. Single width (0.715m), suitable for work sites with limited space or narrow passages. Lightweight double width (1.35m), can reach a maximum height of 16m. Larger base increases stability Sex Dr. Tier Aluminum Scaffolding is a professional company with more than 20 years of development history. We have always insisted on putting quality and safety first, and will never reduce quality and price in order to seize the market. Dr. Ladder has a good reputation in the aluminum scaffolding industry for many years, and the products are sold at home and abroad and are recognized by customers.