Where is the cheapest hotel scaffolding

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Where is the cheapest hotel scaffolding

The wheel buckle scaffold is a new type of portable scaffold. Compared with other scaffolds, it has the following advantages: It has reliable two-way self-locking ability: First, the locking function of the cross bar and the vertical bar on the connecting piece. Why Hot-dip galvanized disc scaffolding is quick to set up and disassemble. Where is the cheapest hotel scaffolding pole, top support, the small head diameter of the effective part of the diagonal rod shall not be less than 75mm, the small head diameter of the effective part of the horizontal rod shall not be less than 90mm, and the effective part of the joist and railing shall not be less than 60mm.

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The enhancement of the pole material and cross-section of the disc-buckle scaffold greatly improves the bearing capacity of the pole, simplifies the layout of the bracket, and saves the investment of the bracket material; general comprehensive scaffolding has comprehensively considered the main construction, General decoration and plastering scaffolding on exterior walls. The basic requirements for the cheapest erection of subway hotel scaffolding-the scaffolding foundation is required to be flat, the holes in the middle plate shall be erected with I-steel, and the pole base shall be fixed on the skid with large nails. Connect the other end of the bracket to another base frame. Connect the second horizontal bracket similarly to the other end of the base frame.


Moreover, due to the disconnection of the template at the opening of the hole, there are many template plates, and the verticality is not well grasped during the mold supporting process. In addition-the existence of some special holes will make the support very cumbersome. Portal scaffolding, its shape is gate-shaped, so it is called portal scaffolding. It is widely used in the construction industry. Its base is adjustable, which makes it very convenient for people to work, and it is relatively simple to disassemble and assemble.

1. The ultra-high limit, travel limit baffle, and safety lock of the scaffold need to be complete and have the cheapest effect, and all functions meet the requirements.

2. The cantilever I-steel bracket bears the dead weight of the scaffold body, construction live load, and part of the wind load from the upper part, and transmits it to the building. 3. The foundation of high-rise scaffolding must be firm, calculated before erection, to meet the load requirements, and erect according to construction specifications, and take good drainage measures. Where is the cheapest hotel scaffolding? All construction materials must be sorted and stacked neatly according to the material placement management requirements, and must be completed, materials are exhausted, and the site must be cleared before get off work.