Aluminium alloy scaffolding is used in the East Tower West Tower, a landmark building in Guangzhou

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As an old brand for 20 years, Tebbo aluminum alloy scaffold has won the trust of our customers.

Guangzhou Twin Towers refers to Guangzhou East Tower and Guangzhou West Tower two super high-rise buildings. Standing on the north bank of the Pearl River, behind the public buildings such as Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Library, Guangdong Museum and Guangzhou Children's Palace, people can see a complex representing the modern and international image of Guangzhou from the south bank of the Pearl River. It is a landmark building in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Xita Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System uses a special single width vertical climbing aluminum alloy scaffold as a high-altitude maintenance tool with a total height of 7.5 meters. It is fast and flexible to build and can be used in a narrow space.

Guangzhou east tower property maintenance work using Dr. Ladder double width vertical ladder type aluminum alloy scaffold as high altitude work construction tools, Dr. Ladder double width vertical ladder type aluminum alloy scaffold is stable, safe and reliable, simple and convenient to build. The main focus of the owners is the brand advantage of Gelert, Tibaoshi aluminum alloy scaffolding used in large property maintenance, high altitude work has safety guarantee.

At present, in the CBD property of Guangzhou Pearl River New Town, Tisch Aluminum Alloy scaffolding is used in Ocean Mansion, Litong Plaza, CITIC Plaza, Triumphan New World, Guangzhou Tianluan, Golden Lilai Building, Guangdong Provincial Museum, Tianhui Plaza, Taikoo Hui, Tianhe City Plaza, Sunrich Plaza, Racecourse, Hejing International Financial Plaza and so on.