New product ladder doctor railway and subway special quick load overhaul truck on the market

Industry I 2021-01-18, Number of views:22

Through the close cooperation between our company and our customers, our company has specially designed and manufactured the maintenance truck for railway and subway tunnel construction operation. The product is mainly used for emergency repair and fault treatment of railway and subway tunnel as well as contact network for daily maintenance. Railway, subway, train running is almost can not be suspended, also can not delay the time, the maintenance tools needed is to be fast, can not have the slightest delay. According to the customer's demand, TDR has been designed and repeatedly tested by us, including the construction operation training at the customer's site. The product can be set up in 15 minutes and disassembled in 10 minutes. Very good to meet the needs of on-site use of customers.


At the same time, for the operation of the semi-circle of the tunnel, the traditional maintenance ladder car can not meet the requirements of throwing off the platform on both sides, so the semi-circle position on both sides of the tunnel can not be constructed. Aiming at this position, we specially designed a throwing platform on both sides with a throwing size of 1500mm, which can also be lengthened or shortened according to customer requirements.

The shelf will lean to one side when the load is unbalanced when the platform is thrown out. To this end, our company specially designed a special track clip connected with the track, but it does not affect the normal movement of the overhaul car. The safety operation measures against rollover are well satisfied.

TDR Railway, Subway and Track Express Overhauling Tracks have been delivered to customers. Customers are very satisfied with our products.