Shenzhen Metro Aluminum Scaffolding Construction

Industry I 2021-01-18, Number of views:19

Dr. Ladder's aluminum alloy scaffolding is 24 meters higher than the construction site of Shenzhen Metro. The construction speed is fast, the use process is stable, and it is safe and reliable. It has been unanimously approved by the construction party. 24 meters high of aluminum alloy scaffolding is an ultra-high operation, and safety and stability are very important. At present, many inferior manufacturers in China cannot build them. If they exceed 10 meters, they cannot be built up. It can be seen that the quality is poor and there are great hidden dangers in safety.

173.jpgShenzhen Airport Metro is located on Airport Road and covers an area of 14.8 mu. The airport is located under the airport terminal and transportation center. . Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport is located on the north side, under the T3 terminal building, on the south side of the terminal building is the airport transportation center, and the south side of the transportation center is currently planned as a landscape open space. Dr. Tier Aluminum Scaffolding is a professional company with more than 20 years of development history. We have always insisted on putting quality and safety first, and will never reduce quality and price in order to seize the market. For many years, Gelant has a good reputation in the aluminum scaffolding industry, and its products are sold at home and abroad and have been recognized by customers. After close cooperation between our company and the customer, our company has specially designed and manufactured the maintenance truck for railway and subway tunnel construction operations. This product is mainly aimed at the contact network of railway and subway tunnels for emergency repair and troubleshooting, as well as daily maintenance. use. Railways, subways, and trains can hardly be suspended or delayed. The maintenance tools needed are fast and there can be no delay. In response to this customer’s needs, Gelant has been designed and tested Trial, including construction and operation training to the customer’s site. The product can be built in 15 minutes and dismantled in 10 minutes. It satisfies the needs of customers on site. At the same time, for the operation of subway tunnels, the traditional maintenance ladder car cannot meet the requirements of throwing platforms on both sides, so the semicircle on both sides of the tunnel cannot be constructed. Aiming at this position, we specially designed the throwing platform on both sides, and the throwing size is 1500mm. This size can also be extended or shortened according to customer needs. When the throwing platform is used, the force will be unbalanced, and the shelf will tilt to one side. For this reason, our company has specially designed a special rail clamp that is connected to the track, but does not affect the normal movement of the maintenance frame. It satisfies the safe operation measures for preventing rollover. The fast-installation overhaul truck for Tiboshi Railway and Metro Rail has been delivered to customers, and customers are very satisfied with our products.