Application of aluminum scaffolding in the construction industry

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Application of aluminum scaffolding in the construction industry


Most of the scaffolds on the market today are mainly made of iron and steel, and this type of scaffolding is very heavy to use, and the overall design is simple, and the safety performance is reduced, resulting in the frequent accidental collapse of the scaffold in the market accident. In some of its developments, a new type of scaffolding has emerged: aluminum scaffolding, which has been widely replaced by enterprise users. Because of its high component connection strength, scientific support mechanism design, and the overall structure is safe and stable. Lightweight and firm feet are used as a whole. The weight of the sole of the foot is much lighter than traditional scaffolding, so it is very convenient to use.

New-type scaffolds commonly used in the market: aluminum alloy scaffolds are mainly divided into two categories: double-width quick-mounted mobile aluminum scaffolding, and single-width aluminum alloy quick-mounted scaffolding;

Quick-assembly aluminum alloy scaffolding, also known as welded aluminum alloy scaffolding, door aluminum scaffolding, mobile aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, aluminum alloy mobile platform, movable aluminum alloy scaffolding, etc.

DR.SCAFFOLD aluminum scaffolding has the following advantages: 1. Aluminum scaffolding is light and strong. Aluminum alloy material, lightweight, effectively improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity;

2. Quick-installed aluminum alloy scaffolding, mobile design, light parts, easy to install and move.

3. 3. It is convenient to set up, unload and disassemble, simple construction method, without any installation tools;

4. Space-saving, single-tube design is adopted for the crossbar and diagonal bar. All parts can be superimposed, compact structure, can save a lot of space, so as to provide users with convenient storage and transportation;

5. Strong applicability, suitable for various types of work platforms, and the work height can be built at will.

Aluminum scaffolding outperforms traditional iron and steel scaffolding in terms of professional design and safety performance. At present, in China, more and more enterprise users are beginning to use aluminum scaffolding.

2. Product classification of aluminum alloy scaffolding:

The standard products of aluminum alloy scaffolding are divided into single width and double width from the width.

1. Width: Single width is 0.75 meters and double width is 1.35 meters wide.

2. 2. Suitable occasions: Single width is mainly suitable for use when the space for building aluminum alloy scaffolding is limited. Single-width aluminum alloy scaffolding generally does not exceed 12 meters in height.

3. The double-width aluminum alloy scaffolding is widely used in various occasions, the area is increased, and the stability needs to be single-width stable.

3. Load-bearing: the single-width whole frame is 750KG, the single-layer load-bearing is 230KG, the double-width whole frame is 900KG, and the single-layer load-bearing is 272KG.

4. Length selection, both single-width and double-width lengths are generally 2.0 meters long, special custom-made can choose 2.5 meters or 3.0 meters long.

Second, from the upper and lower aluminum scaffolding methods are divided into vertical ladders and inclined ladders, of which the inclined ladders are divided into diagonally inclined ladders, 70-degree hanging ladders, and 45-degree small platforms.

Their characteristics are as follows:

1. Vertical ladder type aluminum alloy scaffolding

l The double-width design is stable and reliable, and is widely used in occasions that are not restricted by ground space;

l The vertical ladder structure design can not only save working space but also reduce the erection time;

l The working platform can be set at any level of the tower, and the height of each level is 46cm to meet the needs of different working heights;

l The exquisite and flexible combination makes the scaffolding widely used in various occasions such as stairs, super high needs and other occasions;

l Easy to move, only need to be set up once, and can be moved to different places for use.

Project example diagram:

2. Diagonal ladder-type aluminum alloy scaffolding

l Diagonal ladder-type helps to stabilize the whole structure;

l The up and down scaffolding is convenient and fast;

l The diagonal ladder is small in size, easy to build, convenient to store, and transport. ;

3. 70-degree hanging ladder aluminum scaffolding

Ø Convenient up and down the scaffolding

It is suitable for use in situations where frequent scaffolding operations are required and when tools and materials need to be moved up and down;

Ø Each layer configuration platform

Each floor is equipped with a platform slab and a 70-degree inclined ladder to facilitate the operation of each floor and the up and down scaffolding;

Ø The 70-degree ladder has a good height matching with the frame

The 70-degree inclined climbing ladder is configured with three, four, and five-level frames, and can be built to any height;

Ø Convenient storage and transportation without taking up space

The 70-degree inclined ladder can be folded, and storage does not take up small space;

Ø Easy to set up


The 70-degree inclined ladder is relatively light, and the scaffolding is easy and convenient to build, and the structure is stable;

Ø Mobile, improve work efficiency

Install movable casters, only need to build once, and can be moved to different places for use.

4. 45-degree small platform aluminum scaffolding

l The best choice for frequent scaffolding operations or when tools and materials need to be moved;

Broad steps, separate handrails, and scaffolding up and down as if walking on flat ground, with ease.

l With separate handrails;

The armrest is designed with a special latch to lock the armrest, making the upper and lower scaffolding safer and more reliable;

l The inclining ladder is equipped with ultra-wide steps, which makes it easy to go up and down the scaffolding;

Steps are wide, stepping on the scaffold is firm and safe

l The special anti-loosening safety buckle is designed for the inclined ladder, which will not loosen even when the ladder is inclined;

l Well-considered design, safe and reliable

It is safe and reliable, and the structure is stable.

l The 45-degree inclined ladder supports the scaffolding diagonally, making the entire scaffolding structure more stable and increasing safety performance.