What is the new scaffold? What are the features?

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With the progress of society, the development of economy! Construction turnover materials market in the product is also changing! Scaffolding as one of the products, the development of the same rapid.

Plate buckle type scaffold technology is advanced: disc type connection makes the rod transmission through the node center, mainly used in Europe and the United States countries and regions, is the price of scaffold upgrade products, firm connection, stable structure plate buckle type scaffold.

Raw material upgrade: main material are all made of low alloy structural steel (gb Q345), strength higher than that of traditional scaffolding carbon-steel tubes (gb Q235) 1.5 2 times the button scaffold of advanced surface treatment: hot dip galvanized anti-corrosion technology, main parts adopt inside and outside can not only improve the service life of the product, and provides a further safety guarantee, at the same time achieve the beautiful, beautiful! - youdao

The connection way of the disc buckle type scaffold is the international mainstream scaffold connection way, the reasonable design of the node can reach each rod transmission through the node center, mainly used in Europe and the United States and regions, is the scaffold upgrade products, mature technology, firm connection, stable structure, safe and reliable.

New scaffolding is mainly refers to the market is now more common socket type plate buckle type scaffolding, plate buckle type scaffolding technology originated in Germany, for Europe and the Americas of the main Liu products, support frame is divided into vertical rod and bar, oblique rod, disc has eight holes, four holes for the bar special; Four large holes for the inclined rod. The connection mode of horizontal bar and inclined bar are all pin type, which can ensure the firm connection between the bar and the vertical bar.