What products and equipment are aluminum scaffolding

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What products and equipment are aluminum scaffolding?

Aluminum scaffolding, as the name suggests, is a scaffolding product made of aluminum alloy materials.

The material of aluminum alloy scaffolding is a kind of innovation in the building materials industry. Taking scaffolding as an example, it can be seen that in the building materials industry, it is necessary to continue to break through the traditional concepts and produce new scaffolding products suitable for the development needs of the construction industry.

Some basic scope of use of aluminum alloy scaffolding

The new type of aluminum alloy scaffolding is widely used, the main reason is that there are different aluminum alloy scaffolds corresponding to different use ranges. Aluminum alloy scaffolding single-width vertical ladder work frame can be used to build on escalators, general escalators, etc.; it can pass through general doors or pedestrian passages; it is small and exquisite, which is convenient for small trucks.


Aluminum scaffolding double-wide vertical ladder work frame can be used for straight ladder, inclined ladder or ladder selection; suitable for construction and industrial use; vertical ladder structure provides the largest working space and reduces construction time; scaffolding work platform can be set on any tower One level, the height of each level is 46cm; the exquisite combination design has greater flexibility and improves the utilization rate; the installation is simple and quick. The aluminum alloy scaffolding double-width 45-degree ladder work frame is used with the wide frame; it is convenient to carry tools and carry materials on and off; the aluminum alloy scaffold is equipped with handrails, platforms, and self-locking buckles, which are safe and stable; equipped with a 3.4.5-level ladder The height can be used flexibly; the lightweight structure is strong and easy to build; the aluminum alloy scaffolding work bridge frame: the bridge is used with the handrail and the door frame to suit the needs of different environments.

The practicality of aluminum alloy scaffolding has a great effect on the future development, and at the same time, it must be constantly updated to adapt to the rapidly developing society.