The aluminum alloy scaffold is built into the bridge work frame structure and the construction steps are explained

Industry I 2021-01-06, Number of views:9

1. First, carefully understand the structural drawings, detailed annotations and key instructions of the bridge frame (then refer to the site for details);

2. Before building, check the full set of accessories to make sure that there is no damage or shortage of accessories;

3. The 4.7m platform bridge frame is mainly composed of two groups of main frames and external stable support rods plus a 3m long platform connection;

4. The main frame is made of two four-stage welded frames with ladders and without ladders, which are connected by cross bars, inclined rods, and platform plates. The middle is directly connected with a 3-meter long platform plate at a working height of 4.7m, and is inclined. The rod is firm. The periphery is supported by external support rods to prevent overturning;


5. Because the bridge frame is built between the wall and the elevator clamp, and the width of the space is only 700mm moving space, it is necessary to adjust the size, distance, position, etc. during the construction process, and the placement of the supporting rods needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation of the elevator . Considering that there is a guardrail of about 1 meter above the elevator, when the external support is erected, if the connecting position of the short pole touches the elevator guardrail and cannot be installed, the position of the fastening screw at the bottom of the short pole can be adjusted upward to make Install the external support to avoid the elevator guardrail smoothly.

6. When the entire bridge frame is installed and built in a sequence from the bottom to the top, when there are no cross bars, diagonal bars and platform slab connections in the individual positions marked on the drawing, you can first borrow related bars from unused bars to connect To facilitate the staff to carry out the next installation and construction tasks, and wait until the installation is stable.