Advantages of Dr. Ladder Aluminum Scaffolding

Industry I 2021-01-06, Number of views:12


1. Shaped and strengthened rotatable and telescopic attached support structure, applied to externally raised balconies, cantilevered beams, variable cross-section and irregular geometric cross-section high-rise buildings, the effect is better and the characteristics are more obvious.-scaffold

2. The bottom support truss is prepared according to the building modulus and connected by bolts. It is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and basically achieves finalization, assembly, standardization, and strong versatility.

3. There are reliable two-way restraints when lifting and using, and the lifting is stable to prevent the frame from overturning inside and outside.

4. Using multifunctional climbing frame construction, only 3 to 5 people can be used for climbing frame lifting, saving labor costs, shortening the construction period, significant work efficiency, and reducing expenditure costs.

5. The material cost is saved. The multi-functional climbing frame body is only 4 to 4.5 times the floor height. It can be raised and lowered layer by layer according to the construction progress. Compared with the double-row external scaffold, the steel consumption can be reduced by more than 40%.

6. When the multi-functional climbing frame is in the ascending state, it can meet the requirements of structural construction top steel bar binding, formwork, concrete pouring, and lower mold removal turnover; when it is landing, it can meet the bottoming, plastering, paint spraying and veneer during decoration construction , Glass curtain wall installation and other requirements.

7. The force transmission system is composed of the vertical main frame and the bottom supporting truss. The axis of the rods of each node converge at one point, and the force is reasonable and the overall stability is good.

8. The vertical main frame is an aluminum alloy frame, and the guide rails are the inner limbs of the vertical main frame, which are set in full length, which can not be restricted by the change of building floor height. It is convenient to install and dismantle; when in use, the outer and lower parts are well protected, which is convenient for civilized construction, and the appearance is regular, flat and beautiful.