Lightweight and strong scaffolding type

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Aluminum scaffolding is mostly made of light and strong 6061 aluminum alloy, with high component connection strength, scientific support mechanism design, and the overall structure is safe and stable. Aluminum scaffolding is much lighter than traditional iron scaffolding (only 30% of iron), so it is very convenient to use and can greatly improve work efficiency.

There are many new types of scaffolding commonly used in the market: According to the frame interval, there are two conventional models, GF50 (frame crossbar spacing 50cm) and GF460 (frame crossbar spacing 46cm). According to the width of the scaffold, there are double-width (1.35-1.45 meters in width) quick-installed aluminum alloy scaffolding and single-width (0.75-0.85 meters in width) quick-installed aluminum alloy scaffold.

There are also many names for new scaffolding in the market, such as quick-installed aluminum scaffolding, welded aluminum scaffolding, portal aluminum scaffolding, mobile aluminum scaffolding, aluminum scaffolding, aluminum mobile platform, movable aluminum scaffolding, Aluminum alloy gantry, mobile scaffolding, etc. belong to the category of aluminum alloy scaffolding.

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