Design Points of Aluminum Scaffolding for Double Width Vertical Ladder

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Design Points of Aluminum Scaffolding for Double Width Vertical Ladder

The scaffold rental price is actually related to the progress of the construction project. In the current market, rented scaffolds are basically double-wide straight climbing frames, which are also called wide frames. The characteristic of this type is more stable. When the platform pedal height exceeds 4 meters, diagonal braces will be added to increase stability. The working platform can be set at any level of the tower.

The price difference of different types of scaffolding: iron frame<aluminum alloy frame< galvanized plate buckle frame<aluminum plate buckle

The design of the leased double-width vertical ladder aluminum scaffolding has the following characteristics:

• The locking device of the wheels has nothing to do with the weight of the tower;

• You can choose 150mm or 22mm wheels and chassis;

• Automatic fail-safe device adjustable tripod. Its adjustable range is up to 250 mm, which can cater to uneven working ground;

• Adhesive polyurethane will not spoil the floor;

• As long as the spring is released, the pole hook will be automatically locked;

•Have high-quality cast aluminum pipe;

•The hook is welded by aluminum welding;

•All welded aluminum frames can be used for the upper, lower and top handrail fences without adjustment;

•Cast aluminum tube and interlocking spring clamp;

• "T" word fully welded structure to maximize the service life;

• The diagonal struts make the frame stronger;

• All support rods are marked with colors to distinguish their respective uses;

•The movable door is convenient for the staff to board higher floors.