DR LADDER aluminum scaffolding characteristic analysis

Industry I 2021-01-06, Number of views:4

The weight of aluminum scaffolding is one third of that of iron scaffolding, and it is very convenient to carry and assemble during construction. Because of its lightness, it is not easy to damage the floor tiles in high-end places such as hotels. The detachable standardized components are easy to transport and store, and the aluminum alloy will not rust and will not be damaged after long-term storage.

Aluminum alloy scaffolding is composed of standard parts. Various fasteners and structures are specially designed for safe and quick use. It is easy to install and dismantle, which saves more than half of the time compared with ordinary iron frames.

Dr. Ti provides comprehensive services to customers, provides professional technical solutions according to customer requirements before sales, and provides professional construction guidance during use, so that customers can quickly get started. The company keeps stocks of various parts to quickly meet the supply service and after-sales service.

As a professional manufacturer, Dr. Ti provides the following high-quality double-width and single-width aluminum alloy scaffolds, as well as foldable scaffolds.


From the current market perspective, aluminum scaffolding has a wide range of specifications, and many of them are not fully compliant with the standards, and there are safety risks. Disc scaffolding is an indispensable component at the construction site. It is favored by construction manufacturers and workers due to its convenient disassembly and assembly, economic benefits, and large carrying capacity.

The quality of aluminum scaffolding directly affects the safety of construction personnel, so its production standards are quite strict.