What is a fiberglass ladder?

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What is a fiberglass ladder?

Since the mid-20th century, the manufacture of fiberglass ladders has become more and more commonplace. From simple two-step and three-step kitchen ladders to retractable models best suited for exterior house painting, FRP ladders are considered a popular choice for lightweight, durable, and easy storage. Below is some information about the history of fiberglass, the creation of the first fiberglass ladder, and some different types of fiberglass ladders on the market today.

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Although glass fibers have been tried for many years, it was not until the late 19th century that glass fibers and silk fibers were successfully combined to make durable cloth. Such innovation opened the door to try to use fiberglass in many household products.


By 1938, Owens-Corning's Russell Games Slayter had perfected the fiberglass and plastic products used to make insulating materials. The trademark of the process is Fiberglas™, and a second is added at the end. By diffusing glass fibers into a hard plastic mixture, the concept of glass fibers was born, which can be used to build ladders of various sizes.


Emerson Professional Tools is one of the first companies to use fiberglass materials for ladder manufacturing. From the creation of aluminum and fiberglass hybrid ladders, and then to the design of kitchen ladder ladders composed of fiberglass components and sturdy iron hardware, Emerson led the popularization of various fiberglass ladders.

The main focus of the local market advertising is to highlight the lightweight structure of two and three ladders, which are ideal for housewives. The fiberglass ladder is easy to get to the top shelf of the closet and cabinet, it is not difficult to take it out of the closet, install it, and then store it after use. This is in contrast to heavier metal and wooden ladders, which are usually bulkier and of course heavier.

Over time, improvements in the design of fiberglass components allowed the ladder to withstand heavier loads. This means that the lightweight fiberglass ladder can be moved from the inside to the outside. Homeowners can now use fiberglass ladders in many projects around the house, such as painting, cleaning second-story windows, and clearing leaves in drains.

Cost is also and is an advantage of fiberglass ladders. Fiberglass is easy to manufacture, and the components of the ladder can actually be constructed using molds, which speeds up the manufacturing process. The result is a high-quality product that is cost-effective compared to many types of ladders, and can perform many home maintenance tasks well.