Fiberglass cage ladder with diagonal bracing stabilizer

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Fiberglass cage ladder with diagonal bracing stabilizer

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The main purpose of the diagonal bracing stabilizer on the glass fiber ladder belt is to increase stability and safety. This is very important for construction workers who are working at height, especially when the working height reaches 3 meters or more.

At present, every EN131 certified ladder must be equipped with diagonal braces stabilizer. It only determines that the manufacturer wants to expand the international market. In addition to complying with the national standard, the load-bearing capacity is more than 150kg, the safe nylon protective net and the normal diagonal bracing stabilizer have been adjusted.

The main features of the red fiberglass ladder with diagonal braces stabilizer are:

1. Support rod anti-sway design, the herringbone ladder adopts triangle anti-sway principle

strength. An upgraded version of special safety net bag, anti-drop. High strength, high density, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, long moisture resistance, beautiful and versatile 3. Aluminum baseboard, anti-dropping

4. Compression-resistant large-head rivets, safe and stable.

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