Causes of scaffolding accidents

Industry I 2020-12-30, Number of views:16

Causes of scaffolding accidents

1. Technical reasons (main reason before construction)

The main reason for the collapse of the scaffolding is the instability of the support and insufficient connection strength. The construction company did not carry out the scaffolding, formwork design and stiffness check before the scaffolding and formwork engineering construction, and only rely on experience to arrange the support system to make the support system rigid and stable. Inadequate sexual considerations. Even some units did not prepare construction safety technical measures and special plans.

Therefore, technicians and supervisors should review whether the construction unit’s plan complies with the compulsory standards of project construction and the requirements of relevant codes in accordance with the requirements of the specifications. For the erection plan, a detailed drawing of the method of the frame body and the building tie point should be drawn, and the method of the scaffolding foundation and the detailed calculation book should be explained. At the same time, the unfavorable factors of the construction site should be considered and strictly monitored.

2. Material reasons

◆The steel pipe (such as wall thickness) does not meet the requirements of the code and relevant national regulations;

◆The fastener does not meet the requirements of the specification and relevant national regulations;

◆The quality of the scaffold board does not meet the requirements;

3. Management reasons (the main reason in process control)

◆Establish a sound safety assurance system and implement a safety production responsibility system;

◆Safety training system;

◆ Announcement of safe construction technology;

◆Safety protection and construction equipment management;

◆The installation of safety warning signs in dangerous parts of the construction site;

◆Whether the on-site inspection is carried out in accordance with the plan and the contents of the disclosure; the construction site shall be inspected in accordance with the requirements of the "Building Construction Safety Inspection Standard" (JGJ59-2011) implementation guide.