How to build aluminum scaffolding

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1. Assemble the casters first. The casters are the bottom part of the scaffold. The casters are connected with adjustable feet and then connected with the frame.

For the installation of casters and adjustable feet, pay attention to placing the casters on the upper side and the adjustable feet on the bottom. The two accessories should be aligned in a vertical line. Use the weight of the casters to install the adjustable feet vertically. The foot is underneath. The way to hit the adjustable foot with a hammer is wrong, which will damage the wheel.

2. Set up the framework

At least two people are required for the erection process. One person supports one side of the frame to prevent the frame from falling over. Set up the crossbar first, and make sure that the crossbar is level with the ground;

3. Set up diagonal bars

The oblique bar spans the three rails as one, and the installation of the oblique bar should be connected. In order to make the scaffold more stable and the structure is firm, the oblique bar is generally installed without interruption. At the same time, diagonal rods must be installed on both sides of the frame, and the diagonal rods are installed on both sides of the frame in opposite directions.


4. Set up platform board

When the crossbars and diagonal rods of the frame are set up, start to erect the platform board and place the platform board on the frame. Pay attention that the platform board and the frame are connected in place, and the four corners are in balanced contact and firmly connected with the frame.

5. Set up the second layer frame

After setting up the platform board, the second layer frame can be built. When building the second layer frame, lift the second layer frame, align it vertically with the first layer frame and insert it, and then lock the safety buckle. Subsequently, the cross bars, diagonal bars and platform slabs inside the second layer frame were built in the same way as the first layer.

6. Set up external support rods

When the scaffold is erected to a certain height, it is necessary to install the outer support rod as a stabilizing effect. When installing the outer support rod, pay attention to the construction ratio between the main body of the scaffold and the outer support rod, and pay attention to the contact between the outer support rod and the ground during the installation process. The external support poles on the ground are ineffective.

7. Install guardrail

The installation of aluminum alloy scaffolding must require guardrails. Construction personnel cannot stand on the top of the scaffold to work. There is no protective guardrail. The erection of the guardrail is the last step in the installation of the scaffold. Usually, about 1 meter is erected or left as a guardrail. Enclose people in scaffolding.

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