How is aluminum alloy scaffolding the correct detection method

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How is aluminum alloy scaffolding the correct detection method? The structure of aluminum alloy scaffolding is obviously different from that of portal steel scaffolding. How to build it in a firm, safe and standard way?

1. Check before construction

1. Check that all components are at the working point and make sure they are well constructed.

2. Check whether the ground can support the erection and movement of the tower.

3. Check whether the ground is level. If it is not level, whether it can be adjusted to a level state through the adjustable feet of the aluminum scaffolding. 4. It is recommended to apply temporary guardrails during tower construction.

5. The safe working load is 272 kg evenly distributed, and the maximum concentration ranges from 150 kg per plate to 900 kg per tower (including its own weight). This must not be exceeded.

6. During the construction of the tower, it must be climbed internally; during use, the built-in ladder must be used.

7. Do not use boxes or straight ladders to increase another height on the platform.

Second, the improvement of aluminum alloy scaffolding accessories

The tower components must be firmly fixed to a reliable lifting object (such as a rope), and a reliable knot (such as a coil) must be used to ensure that the connection is safe.

1. When an external support or bracket and load are specified, it must be installed. 2. The load is applied on the base to fix the tower to prevent overturning. The recommended support will be displayed in the bill of materials. By contacting the supplier, understand the details of external support or load-bearing in unlimited places. 3. The load must be solid material (that is, not water or loose sand) and should not be positioned to overload the individual legs. 4. The load must be fixed to prevent accidental disassembly, while supporting the installation on the crossbar of the lowest chassis.