Analysis of the characteristics of the new type of scaffolding

Industry I 2020-12-30, Number of views:14

The new disc buckle supporting scaffold has outstanding features such as versatility, high efficiency, large bearing capacity, safety and reliability, and is widely used in roads, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal engineering, industrial and civil construction engineering fields.

1. Analysis of the characteristics of the new type of scaffolding

The new disc-buckle scaffold has versatility: according to the construction requirements of the site, it can be composed of single and double-row scaffolds, support frames, support columns and other construction equipment with different rent frame sizes, shapes and carrying capacity.

The new disc buckle scaffold has high efficiency: simple structure, simple and fast disassembly and assembly, completely avoiding bolt work and loss of scattered fasteners, joint assembly and disassembly speed is more than 5 times faster than ordinary bowl buckle scaffolding, assembly and disassembly use manpower Less, workers can complete all operations with a hammer.


The new disc buckle scaffolding has high bearing capacity: the pole connection is coaxial socket, the node is in the frame plane, the joint has the mechanical properties of bending, shear and torsion, stable structure, large bearing capacity, and the same mechanical requirements. The spacing is larger than that of ordinary scaffolding, saving steel pipe material consumption.

The new type of handicap scaffolding is safe and reliable: the joint design takes into account the effect of self-gravity, so that the joint has a reliable two-way self-locking function, and the load acting on the cross bar is transmitted to the vertical rod through the disc buckle. The disc buckle has a strong Shear resistance.

The new type disc scaffolding has less maintenance, fast loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage. The crossbar can be removed in advance for turnover, saving materials and time.

The service life of disc scaffolding is much higher than that of ordinary scaffolding. Generally, it can be used for more than 10 years. Because the bolt connection is abandoned, the components are resistant to knocking, even if it is rusted, it will not affect the use of assembly and disassembly.