Advantages of aluminum alloy scaffolding during use

Industry I 2020-12-30, Number of views:13

Aluminum alloy scaffolding can reduce the construction time, and the working platform can be built at any level. Due to the free combination performance of aluminum alloy scaffolding, high mobility, complete stability, light weight, fast disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation, the advantage is decoration Ideal for high-altitude operations such as cleaning and maintenance.

Advantages of aluminum alloy mobile scaffolding:

1. Safe and reliable: imported welding equipment, frame tee link strength is high and not easy to deform;

2. Fast installation and disassembly: the lock is fast, stable and safe, the parts are small and the weight is easy to install, transport and store;

3. Freedom of work: non-slip and waterproof work platform can be built at any working height;

4. Mobility: The whole tower can be moved on the ground, and the combination of multiple styles can meet different environments;

5. Beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, maintenance-free, polyurethane casters have no damage to the ground;

6. Comply with European DIN4422, EN1004 and other international standards, and obtain CE certification;

Instron aluminum alloy scaffolding manufacturers fully consider that customers can purchase a set of aluminum frames while carrying out a multi-directional high-altitude operation requirement, so customers only need to choose a set of high aluminum frames to take care of an operation below this maximum height. Demand. Achieve a multi-purpose. Really meet a customer's work requirements. Due to a different operating environment, customers' diverse selection needs. Instron manufacturers are actively developing new aluminum scaffolding systems for different working environments to achieve any work scenario There is no problem in application. It can be used for building on steps, and it can also be used as an engineering building exterior wall construction and other applications.