What are the aluminum scaffolding accessories

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The aluminum alloy scaffolding accessories of Dr. Ladder are analyzed and decomposed. The high-strength T6-6061 aluminum alloy is used. The main frame is welded by argon arc welding. The riveting of all other tie rods and diagonal supports uses cold pressing technology, which is strong and durable, and has a simple structure. Because of its light weight and higher bearing capacity, it has more advantages than traditional steel structure scaffolding. The assembly process is simple, time-saving and labor-saving, sturdy and stable, and conforms to the European Union EN 1004 scaffold standard. It is widely used in building construction, decoration, advertising installation, electrical and mechanical installation and maintenance, cleaning maintenance, aircraft maintenance rack, train, motor car maintenance, etc.

Aluminum scaffolding accessories include:

1. Aluminum frame: welded with φ50.8xδ2 aluminum alloy round tube. The aluminum frame is equipped with 3, 4 and 5 horizontal tubes, and the platform plate can be placed on each horizontal tube at an interval of 464mm. The aluminum frames can be matched with each other and are equipped with a lock connection, the structure is stable and reliable; the ladder tube has an internal ladder aluminum frame, and uses a φ25.4 pattern aluminum tube, which has a non-slip function.

2. Pull pipe: The tower mainly relies on the pull pipe for combined forming and support, which plays an important role in the stability of the tower structure. It is divided into diagonal pull tube (end hook piece is red) and flat pull tube (end hook piece is green). The end hook of the pull tube has a self-locking function. The tail hook is made of 101A high-quality cast aluminum alloy die-casting, which has the characteristics of high strength and ensures the safety of the tower.

3. Platform board: divided into window type and platform type. It adopts aluminum alloy frame and δ12.7 anti-skid wood board riveting combination; the window platform board can facilitate people to get on and off the car, and the window lock can be automatically locked. Reliable performance to prevent accidental wind from opening the window. There are windproof devices on the two diagonals, which can effectively prevent the pedals from being blown away by strong wind; the average distributed load of each platform board is 250kg.

4. Triangular diagonal struts: support and fix the bottom of the tower to ensure the stability of the entire tower, freely retractable and easy to operate.

5. Tower casters: 6″ PU casters, sturdy and durable, will not collide with the working ground, carrying capacity of 500kg; adjustable aluminum screws on the casters can be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the tower is suitable for ground environments of different heights

6. Spring buckle: The spring buckle is used to connect the upper and lower gantry, the operation is simple and convenient, and the connection is firm and reliable.

7. D-type spring buckle: D-type spring buckle is used to connect the upper and lower gantry, the operation is simple and convenient, the connection is firm and reliable, and it is directly left on the gantry when not in use.

8. Aluminum fence: Assembled on the top of the tower, the height from the platform board to the top of the fence is 1 meter to ensure the safety of construction personnel and the convenience of work and operation.

9. Skirt board: Assembled on the platform board and closed around the platform board, it can effectively prevent the tools placed on the platform from falling, ensure that people work on the platform, and prevent the feet from becoming empty and accidents.

These may be accessories. You can increase or decrease the aluminum alloy bracket through the combination of accessories. You can increase the height of the stand from 1 meter to 30 meters. Accessories can be freely combined. If the accessory is damaged, replace the accessory.