Safety issues of mobile aluminum scaffolding

Industry I 2020-12-30, Number of views:7

Because the current aluminum alloy quick-mount scaffolding is a mountaineering tool, safety factors must be considered first in the design and use process. The design of aluminum alloy scaffolding is also very important. A comprehensive review of various sizes and specifications as well as the actual application range is required. Today's aluminum platform ladders have various types and specifications, so users can use them as needed. The actual selection of aluminum alloy scaffolding should meet the actual application requirements.

Because the design and manufacturing process of aluminum scaffolding must first consider safety issues, users should first consider the manufacturing expertise of the aluminum scaffolding manufacturer and the manufacturer's specific manufacturing method when selecting aluminum alloy platform ladders. You need to know if you are qualified. If you know and choose, you can choose the quality of the aluminum alloy platform ladder. Therefore, it is very important to understand the manufacturer and user when choosing products and platform ladders. You need to understand product quality, process and carrying capacity.

Industry professionals who specialize in aluminum alloy scaffolding pointed out: “There are currently no domestic standards for mobile aluminum scaffolding to be implemented. There are many incapable and unqualified manufacturers in the industry. It complies with industry standards and lags far behind safe aluminum scaffolds that meet the EU EN1004 standard in terms of material selection and craftsmanship. But why is there a market? The lower price is the main reason. If the buyer takes price as the first standard , Then the hidden dangers of accidents always follow."

In addition, industry experts believe that customers' ignorance of new products such as aluminum alloy scaffolding is also the main reason why purchasers or users buy inferior products.