Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding complies with industry standards and certifications

Industry I 2020-12-30, Number of views:9

Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding complies with industry standards and certifications. It has anti-skid pedals and a step height of 46cm, which can provide safe and comfortable climbing power. Product features: It can be used as a staircase for a vertical passage. The design principle of reinforced work scaffolding is easy to assemble. The number is small and flexible and the height can be adjusted up to 35 m.


Through many experiments, it is known that more high anti-skid pedals can be added. The maximum load capacity is 200 kg/m². The maximum load capacity is 45 m or higher. Both single-width styles and double-width styles can achieve the same load-bearing capacity. . Fully safe upper and lower passages and sturdy structure, equipped with aluminum alloy four-sided fence, 50.8mm tubular crossbar and a fully integrated passage system for a fixed ladder for a cylindrical frame system, Dr. Ladder also provides a staircase as The comfortable passage up and down from the inside, that is, the design of using open pedals, allows workers to work safely from the inside of the scaffold, reducing the risk of rollover.

Dr. Ladder aluminum scaffolding adopts a one-stop solution, which can stably rise and fall under all conditions. It has the characteristics of flexibility and easy assembly, and high safety performance. The aluminum tower can be erected on the ground or on suspended buildings and objects. The buildable height needs to be adjusted according to different requirements. The 50.8mm pipe column can be built up to 20 floors. There are D-shaped spring buckles of the same size between each layer to strengthen the connection strength.

Regardless of the height of the aluminum alloy scaffolding, the design of the four-sided cross bar and the diagonal bar can well protect the safety of the operator. The weight of the aluminum alloy material is relatively light, which is more conducive to transportation and organization. The accessories produced by different manufacturers or suppliers can be used universally, and there are unified industry standards and certifications to protect the rights and interests of consumers.