Keep in mind when operating specifications of aluminum alloy scaffolding

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Keep in mind when operating specifications of aluminum alloy scaffolding

Keep in mind the operating specifications of aluminum alloy scaffolding, the working platform should be wide enough, and should be fully logged out to ensure that people pass safely along the platform. They should also be able to withstand the loads applied to them, including high wind loads that can cause the scaffold to slide down.

All scaffolding can only be installed, modified or disassembled by a qualified scaffolding contractor. The scaffolding platform should be installed with a top guardrail at least 950mm from the deck, and at least one independent middle fence should be installed between all exposed edges between the top guardrail and the toe board, and filled with brick-like metal mesh to prevent material from getting off the scaffold Drop. Both ends of each board should be tied or nailed. Suitable fixing straps should tie the scaffold to the structure.

Access ladders should be tied to two different points, and at least 1.05mo ladder should be projected above the top access platform to be taken down every night and weekends. The ladder was tied and padlocked on the ground, or completely removed from the scene.

scaffolding  scene.png

Before using the scaffolding, the safety ladder should be fixed in place at the beginning of each working day. This will require two people to operate, while fixing the bottom of the ladder in two positions. This process will be repeated every working day.

Installation and disassembly procedures of aluminum scaffolding

It is expected that the general contractor shall instruct their scaffolding subcontractors on the site to install and disassemble the scaffold to ensure that proper access is provided for all engineering areas required by the specification.