What is an electric ladder for?

Industry I 2020-12-29, Number of views:14

A ladder, everyday use, flanked by two long, thick poles that cross a suitable climbing bar in the middle for climbing. Aluminum alloy ladder is made of high strength aluminum alloy material, characterized by light weight and high strength.

Let me tell you, in the electrical safety working regulations, the precautions for moving ladders are as follows:

1. Using tools and carrying long objects such as ladders and pipes around live equipment should meet the safety distance requirements.

2. When carrying long objects such as ladders and pipes in distribution stations or high pressure rooms, they should be put down and carried by two people, and keep enough safe distance from the live parts. Metal ladders shall not be used in the electrified area of distribution stations or in the vicinity of electrified lines.

3, people on the ladder, do not move the ladder. May my answer be helpful to you!