What is a ladder for?

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Now the market often sells card ladder for 3, 4, 5 the specification of step, specific buy how tall, want to consult the height of your house and your height will measure.

The support of the ladder shall be able to support the total weight of the climbing tools carried by the staff. The crossbar of the ladder shall be embedded in the strut. The ladder made of nails shall not be used. The distance of the ladder shall not be more than 40cm.

When working on a ladder, the slope Angle between the ladder and the ground is about 60°. Staff must mount the ladder at least 1m from the top of the ladder to work.

If the ladder length is not enough and two ladders need to be connected to use, must use metal clips to connect, or with the wire to secure.

The ladder must be securely placed before work and must not be swayed or tilted excessively. When using a ladder on concrete or smooth hard ground, ropes should be used to secure the lower end of the ladder to a fixed object, or rubber sheeting or rubber sheeting should be placed at the bottom of the ladder.

When a ladder is to be used on a plank or mud floor, the lower end shall be fitted with metal objects with pointed points, and the lower end of the ladder shall be fastened to a fixed object with live ropes.

A ladder used against a pipe with a hook or rope at the top.

If the above method can not make the ladder stable, can send someone to hold, in order to prevent the bottom of the ladder sliding, but must be done to prevent falling objects injured the following personnel security measures.

Herringbone ladders shall have strong hinges and zippers with limited opening.

Do not use ladders on unstable supports such as wooden boxes or on objects that slide easily.

When using ladders on access roads, a guard or temporary fence should be set up. The ladder is not allowed to be put in front of the door to use, when necessary, should take measures to prevent the door to open suddenly.

Do not move a ladder when you are on it.

When using the ladder near the rotating part, in order to avoid the mechanical rotating part suddenly caught the clothes of the staff, the temporary sheet or metal net protection should be set between the ladder and the mechanical rotating part.

Work on the ladder should use tool bags, objects should be passed by rope, not from the ladder or under the throw to each other.

It is prohibited to put ladders on suspended scaffolding for work.