Ladder what material is good, skill of household ladder choose and buy?

Industry I 2020-12-29, Number of views:13

Household ladder has the following 3 kinds of material to pledge commonly, the ladder that chooses which kind of material to pledge concretly, choose according to his actual situation even.

Wooden household ladder Wooden ladder solid durable, beautiful texture, giving a person a natural and comfortable feeling, to a certain extent is also a kind of household decoration. But it's heavier and takes up more space than other ladders. At the same time because of moisture or exposure to the sun and other factors easy corrosion aging, easy to occur safety accidents.

Aluminum alloy household ladder aluminum alloy ladder is made of high strength aluminum alloy profiles, low density, so it has the advantages of light weight, easy to carry. Moreover, it is of high strength and adopts advanced square pipe squeeze riveting technology, equipped with strong anti-slide foot, which is not easy to be out of shape, stable and durable, safe and efficient. But because of its good conductivity, aluminum alloy is not suitable for home electrical work. At the same time, aluminum alloy material should also pay attention to maintenance, regular cleaning and maintenance.

Fiberglass household Ladder Fiberglass household ladder is still relatively rare in most households, and people buy fiberglass household ladder largely because of its insulation. Glass fiber ladder is made of fiberglass and unsaturated resin, high strength, good insulation, mainly used in electrical work.