What are the parts of a ladder?

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What kind of ladder? The stairs or the usual ladder? In an elevator? You can't answer correctly without asking clearly. Ladder: A structure made of two long, thick poles flanked by a crossing bar suitable for climbing. Used for climbing stairs: used in a building as a means of communication between floors. It is composed of continuous steps of ladder, platform and enclosure structure.

Stairs must also be installed in tall buildings with elevators. The stair divides common stair and special stair two kinds big. Common stair includes stair of reinforced concrete stair, steel stair and wooden stair, among them stair of reinforced concrete has more advantage in the respect such as structural rigidity, fire resistance, cost, construction, modelling, application is the most common. Special stairs mainly have safety ladder, fire ladder and escalator 3 kinds.

Elevator: A vertical lift powered by an electric motor and equipped with a box-shaped pod for carrying people or goods in multistory buildings. There are also step-type, step board installed on the track running continuously, commonly known as the automatic elevator. Fixed lifting equipment for specified floors.

It has a cage that operates between at least two columns of vertical or rigid guides with a tilt Angle less than 15°. The size and structure of the car make it easy for passengers to go in and out or to load and unload cargo. Traditionally, elevators are used as a general term for vertical transportation within buildings, regardless of how they are driven