How do I make a wooden ladder?

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How do I make a wooden ladder?

The material that makes wooden ladder needs to have: square lumber, lotus leaf, iron nail, screw, hammer, rope, rubber

Preparation method:

1. According to the height and width of the ladder you need, saw the square timber into double short strips respectively, and saw another four timber of the same length as the ladder support;

2. Place the short pieces of wood in the middle of the two long pieces of wood, nail the two pieces of wood from the outside of the wood, and make two pairs in this way, as shown in the picture:

3, connect the ladder, in order to shrink the ladder freely, on the top of the ladder on each pair of lotus leaves, as shown in the picture:

4. In order to make the ladder firm, tie a rope to the last pair of wooden strips at the bottom of the ladder, as shown in the picture:

To make it easier for the ladder to slide on the floor tile, rubber pads can be tied on each of the four corners.