Climb the electrical ladder

Industry I 2020-12-29, Number of views:4

Climb the ladder that electrician works with, cent depends on ladder and person word ladder two kinds.

The following matters should be noted during use:

(1) When using a ladder, the distance between the foot of the ladder and the wall should not be less than 1/4 of the length of the ladder, so as to avoid injuring people by falling down the ladder.

(2) When using the hermitage ladder, the footwork shall not be longer than 1/2 of the length of the ladder, both sides should be a chain or pull the rope to limit its footwork.

(3) When using the ladder to climb on the smooth and hard ground, a rubber cover or a rubber pad should be added at the foot of the ladder; When using ladders on dirt floors, iron tips should be added at the foot of the ladder.

(4) The ladder shall not be mounted on unstable supports.

(5) The height of the ladder shall ensure that the top of the ladder is not lower than the waist of the operator during the work. Do not work on the top of the ladder or on the top of the first or second rung.

(6) When using a ladder by a pole, tie the top end of the ladder firmly. When the above requirements cannot be met, generally implement the human escalator.