What is the size of the ladder?

Industry I 2020-12-29, Number of views:4

Herringbone ladder, also known as the shelf ladder. It has been popular on construction sites for decades, becoming a builder of water and electricity, a carpenter on a construction site, and a ceiling worker. Painters are preferred for aerial work. Many construction sites are now off-limits. The reason is mainly for the safety of workers, replaced by more secure mobile scaffolding or electric lift.

The hermitage ladder is an improvement on the old wooden ladder. Two ladders together, the middle of the upper phase, four legs, on the ground, do not rely on, build an air operation platform. Easy to use, fast, light and easy to carry, some skilled workers can even stand on the ladder, the ladder to walk at will. However, due to the wooden ladder (also some people with hollow iron pipe or square steel welded) easy damage, easy to break down, there are uneven underground work above the stress imbalance and other reasons caused by the collapse, resulting in safety accidents, falling construction workers. As a result, many construction sites, especially those with a height of more than 3 meters, now prohibit the use of miter ladders and use more secure and stable mobile iron scaffolds or electric lifts.

Nevertheless, in a few tall not too tall residential building is engaged in water and electricity installation, the worker such as decorating condole top still is more used to choose and employ persons character ladder. Basically still use rise convenient, for instance residential building, the room is much and the door is small, electric lift does not go in, scaffolding does not push past, move build tear open quite troublesome. Add the residence building with taller shorter, person word ladder wants to use correctly only, also still compare safety. So far, it has not been completely eradicated. It is still the main tool for low-level aerial operations.