Chinese scaffolding reference price-mobile aluminum scaffolding for sale

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Chinese scaffolding reference price-mobile aluminum scaffolding for sale

In the stairwell on the top floor, the height from the resting platform to the bottom of the roof slab is generally higher, and scaffolding can be calculated according to this rule. The amount of scaffolding for the full house is calculated in m² based on the net indoor area. The steel frame is much heavier than the aluminum frame. And it is easy to rust, poor fire performance, high maintenance cost, high energy consumption and cost. Chinese Scaffolding Reference Price-Mobile Aluminum Scaffolding for Sale For scaffolding projects, the scope of demonstration is: (1) erecting floor-standing steel pipe scaffolding projects with a height of 50m and above. (2) Attached lifting scaffolding projects or attached lifting operating platform projects with a lifting height of 150m and above.

The movable work platform for advertising production, the caster is 6 inches with brake, and it is easy to use. Flexible mobile, safe and reliable. Traditional fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding is cumbersome to set up and disassemble, has poor safety, high labor costs, and is easy to wear. The buckle-type steel pipe scaffold has high installation and disassembly efficiency, good reliability and safety, energy saving and environmental protection, and good appearance. The angle between the diagonal brace of the scaffold and the ground should be between 45°-60°and one pole should be arranged every 5-13. When the scaffold is higher than 3 meters, it should be set as scissors. The lower part of the diagonal brace should be at the bottom and the upper part should be at the top. , The connection point between the diagonal brace and the vertical rod or horizontal rod is not less than 5 moving points. The length of the diagonal brace must be overlapped, and the fasteners cannot be connected directly. Lifetime support includes repair services from the manufacturer.

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Use 18 lead wire to hang the safety net, which requires strict and smooth. Shenzhen Tenda Safety Technology R & D Co., Ltd.It's warm aluminum alloy reminder: scaffolding must pay great attention to the safety of price implementation, and there is never a slight sloppy in the process of scaffolding. The connecting wall rods need to be connected to the structural parts of the building in Chinese to ensure the bearing capacity.

1. The scaffolding situation is flexible, and the scope of application is wide. According to the construction requirements, it can form single-row, double-row scaffolds, support frames, material lifting scaffolds and other multi-functional construction equipment with multiple modular frame sizes and loads. It can be arranged in a curve, and can be used on the ground with any height difference. The price distance between the brackets can be adjusted flexibly according to the different load requirements of the sale.

2. Full hall formwork frame step control The full hall formwork frame with a height of less than 8m is set up, and the step distance should not be exceeded.

3. Vertical pole horizontal distance: the horizontal spacing of the scaffold pole, single-row scaffold is the distance from the axis of the external pole to the wall. Chinese Scaffolding Reference Price-The mobile aluminum alloy reference scaffolding sells the specification value of the construction load (the weight of personnel, equipment and materials on the working floor). The layout scaffold adopts 3KN/m², and the east-west scaffold 3KN/m²