DR.LADDER produces 9-meter insulated herringbone fiberglass climbing ladders

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DR.LADDER produces 9-meter insulated herringbone fiberglass climbing ladders

DR.LADDER produces 9-meter insulated herringbone fiberglass climbing ladders, electric power emergency repairs, insulated composite ladders, FRP insulated ladders

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Fiberglass Insulation trapezoidal features:


Fiberglass Insulated herringbone ladder:


1. Insulated herringbone ladder herringbone ladder has the characteristics of stability, lightness, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, and good waterproof performance. 2. The insulated herringbone → ladder is made of ultra-high voltage resistant fiberglass insulated ladder, fiberglass foot stick, and special process. . 3. The insulated herringbone ladder herringbone ladder withstand voltage rating: live operation below 220KV. 4. The insulated herringbone ladderherringbone ladder is classified according to the top function: 5. The insulated herringbone ladderherringbone ladder) is especially suitable for power systems and other departments.

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