Insulation ladder EN61478-2002,insulated herringbone ladder

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Insulation ladder EN61478-2002 is the export standard, and the requirements for use: the information, size and strength of insulation ladder should comply with GB/T 17889.1-1999, GB/T 17889.2-1999 and other relevant requirements.

Insulation ladder is divided into insulation single ladder, insulation soft ladder, insulation bamboo ladder (fishing rod ladder), insulation single straight ladder, insulation joint ladder, insulation herringbone ladder, insulation lift ladder (insulation single herringbone ladder, insulation winding ladder, insulation telescopic herringbone ladder), insulation stool, full insulation scaffold, etc.

The insulating ladder adopts the technology of unsaturated resin and glass fiber pultruded, the raw material adopts the technology of epoxy resin three-combined pin rod, and the surface of the shaft steel parts has the protective coating. Insulation laminating materials for processing the exterior with insulation paint to launch a sale. Ladder support, ladder foot anti-skid plan is not easy to fatigue, the appearance of each component of the ladder is not cut into three minutes and one corner, safe grade is high, insulation property is strong; Low water absorption and corrosion resistance. 

insulated herringbone ladder

(1) Non-conductive, modern appearance, beautiful and generous

(2) Corrosion resistance (with hard work, alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents and sodium chloride and other gas, liquid media, such as the wind and rain erosion habits. According to the occasion of the desire, can be cost-effective choice of o-benzene, m-benzene, vinyl resin as the matrix), resistant to decay, resistant to color.

(3) Light weight, easy to handle

(4) Low water absorption and good flame retardancy (common flame retardant grille spark widely circulated rate (ASTM E-84) not exceeding 25; High grade flame-retardant vinyl grills travel at a rate of no more than 10. The oxygen index is not less than 28 (GB 8924).

(5) Excellent, light weight (the density of FRP grille is less than 2, only 1/4 of the steel, 2/3 of the aluminum profile. Its strength for the hard PVC 10 times, cutting strength beyond the aluminum profile and tired to see the grade of fresh steel), impact resistance, insulation, magnetic permeability is excellent.

Electrical insulation ladder is the most important technical parameters, EN61478-2002 is the export standard, to install this standard production,insulated herringbone ladder

1. Insulation material density ≥1.95g/cm3

2. The water absorption rate of insulating material is <0.40%

3. The tensile strength of bone material >350Mpa

4. External hardness of material is 50 (Pap)

5. Insulated material surface voltage >12kv(R.M.S)

6. Carrying >880 (cattle)

Insulation material density of insulation ladder ≥1.95g/cm3; Water absorption rate of insulating material <0.40%; Tensile strength >350Mpa; External hardness of the material is 50 (Pap); External voltage of insulating material >12kv(R.M.S); Planned load >01500n insulation precast components shall be smooth, free of bubbles, pleats or cracks, and free of distinct scratches and signs of overheating. Pigment shall be essential.

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Insulation ladder EN61478-2002