Reasons to rent scaffolding nearby

Industry I 2020-12-22, Number of views:23

During transportation and storage, all components and accessories of aluminum alloy scaffolding are strictly forbidden to fall and hit, and proper storage should be done. When the tower is dismantled, a certain work area should be demarcated, fences or symbols for reference signs should be set up around, professional personnel should be on the ground to conduct command, and workers should be strictly prohibited from entering the work area.

Many builders are considering that it is not cost-effective to buy a brand-new aluminum scaffolding. After a project is completed, all working tools have to be moved to another construction site, which is inconvenient for transportation and increases economic costs. If it is used by leasing, it becomes a better choice. Just find an aluminum scaffolding company to provide it, and you can choose any model and size that suits you, and the company can also be responsible for recycling at that time It can be said to serve multiple purposes.

When removing the aluminum alloy scaffold, it is forbidden to bump the power cord near the scaffold to prevent accidents. The disassembled materials should be hung down on the rods with ropes. Throwing is prohibited and should be piled up at the designated location. Dismantle and transfer, sort and pile, dismantle on the same day, clean on the same day, and disassemble the fasteners or wire for centralized recycling. During the dismantling process, no substitutions are allowed halfway. If necessary, the dismantling situation shall be explained clearly before leaving.