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The most important thing to working safely with aluminum mobile scaffolds of different size and different weight is working according to the manufacturer's standards. All aluminum mobile scaffolds of different size and different weight complied with EN1004 certificate must present a safety instructions manual in which the risks to be taken into account are clearly specified.

There are several factors that influence the use of scaffolding and mobile towers.

WEATHER FACTORS: There are many scaffolds that cannot be used in adverse weather conditions such as strong winds, rain or snow. Logically, they pose a danger to the operators

ANCHORING TO THE WALL: Especially in the case of mobile towers, the stability of the scaffold is one of the priorities to take into account and in most cases, and especially from a certain height, scaffolds need to be anchored to the wall to be able to work with them in complete safety.

SUPPORT ON THE SURFACE: It is very important that the scaffold has a wide support surface. For this, most scaffolds require either stabilizers or wall anchoring as we saw in the previous point. It is also advisable that the support surface does not present irregularities, is not sloping and does not presentYes, it is true that many scaffolds have regulating spindles that can save unevenness such as sidewalks or curbs, which are the most common obstacles in work with facades, for example.

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ATTITUDE AND TRAINING OF OPERATORS: It is essential that the operators who are going to deal with both the assembly and the use of the scaffold are trained in the matter, having read and understood the relevant manual. Similarly, they should be cautious in using the scaffold and not use it in obvious unsafe conditions, such as

FALL OF MATERIALS: It is very common to use safety nets to avoid this type of fall. Scaffolding platforms also normally include a skirting board that adds extra security to the scaffold and also protects the operators. obstacles.

ELECTRICAL CONTACT: Unless the scaffold is made of insulating fiberglass and is designed to work exclusively with power lines, mobile towers, especially those made of steel or aluminum, should not be installed near power lines or high voltage cables.

Each scaffold has its particular risks and advantages, so at all times, the important thing will be to mount it in accordance with the provisions of the manual and to follow the pertinent and common sense instructions for use.