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These are the different regulations that DR.LADDER portable ladders

DR.LADDER we always try to offer the best to our professional workers.

That is why we actively care that the products that reach them are always the most appropriate and comply with current regulations so that they do not pose any danger or any threat to the client or the end user.

These are the standards that govern our production of portable ladders:

·UNIEN131 is the general European standard for ladders or portable, currently, 7 modalities of this regulation are in force since January 1, 2018

·EN131-1 (2010) general standard for all stepladders and sliding sections. Define the typology, the nomenclature, and the measures that the stairs should have.

·EN131-2 (2010) general standard for all stepladders and sliding section ladders. It defines the technical requirements, the tests that must pass, and the marking of the ladders.

·EN131-3 (2018) general standard for all ladders, defines the mandatory labels, the manufacturer's identifying logo, use, and maintenance manuals for the product that must be inside each ladder.