Types of scaffolding in China Xianning-how much scaffolding on construction site

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Types of scaffolding in China Xianning-how much scaffolding on construction site 

Equipped with casters with locking system to provide mobility and stability. To ensure the integrity of the scaffold, it must not be tied together with the derrick and tower crane, and the frame body must not be cut off. Types of scaffolding in Xianning-How much is the construction site scaffolding? The main materials of a set of disc scaffolding are divided into national standard Q235 steel pipes and Q345B low-alloy steel pipes. The strength of low-alloy steel pipes is higher than that of traditional scaffolding carbon steel pipes (1.5-2 times that of the national standard Q23, Scaffolding made of low-alloy steel pipes has high strength, light weight and good corrosion resistance.


The safety ladder products brought by Dr. Ladder have overturned many people's understanding of ladders. It turns out that ladders can also stack materials, and there are strict certification standards. Of course, safety designs that can be seen everywhere are indispensable. As early as 2015, Dr. Tis fiberglass fence platform ladder product has been recognized by the Hong Kong Occupational Safety and Health Bureau and the Macau Lao Xianning Industrial Affairs Bureau, and has become its designated product

In 2017, at the invitation of the Shenzhen Institute of Safety Research and the Shenzhen Bureau of Work Safety, I participated in the Shenzhen High-tech Fair and promoted safe high-altitude operation products in China. At the 17 and 18 years of the high-tech fair, Dr. Tis aerial work products were unveiled , It will usher in the attention of many professional Xianning people at home and abroad, especially the products of insulated FRP fence platform ladder. In 2018, it formally became a partner with Shenzhen Safety Research Institute, and actively promoted high-altitude operation products in Shenzhen. Where the external wall masonry scaffolding is calculated as the inner scaffold, the loading platform, separate chute and hanging basket scaffold for external eave decoration shall be calculated at the same time, and the engineering quantity shall be calculated based on the vertical projection area of the outer wall in square meters, excluding the door and window openings The area occupied.

Disc-buckle scaffolding should use the same-elevation beam slab base plate elevation range. For single-member support frames with larger heights and spans, the tensile force of the crossbar and the axial pressure (critical force) of the vertical rod should be checked. To ensure the stability and safety of the frame. The main content of the regular inspection of scaffolding: (1) The setting and connection of the rods, whether the structure of connecting wall parts, supports, and door openings meet the requirements; (2) Whether the foundation is water accumulated, whether the base is loose, whether the vertical rod is suspended, or whether it is buckled Whether the bolts of the parts are loose; (3) Whether the deviation of the settlement and verticality of the scaffold with a height of 24m or more meets the technical specifications; (4) Whether the safety protection measures of the frame meet the requirements; (5) Whether there is overloading phenomenon.

According to the construction requirements, it can form multi-functional construction equipment such as single-row, double-row scaffolds, support frames, and material lifting scaffolds with a variety of modular frame sizes and loads, and can be arranged in a curve, and can be arranged at any height. For use on the ground, the spacing of the brackets can be flexibly adjusted according to different load requirements. The practice of a large number of construction projects has proved that the use of disc scaffolding is not only safe and reliable in construction, but also more than twice the speed of assembly and disassembly, and the construction cost has a clear downward trend. The advantages of this scaffolding are obvious, and it has been successfully accepted by a large number of construction projects and units and enterprises. It has realized the characteristics of fast installation speed, firm connection, safety and reliability in various complex geological and operating sites, and has received rave reviews. Xianning

1. When the height exceeds 40m and there is wind vortex effect, a connecting wall measure to resist the effect of wind vortex upturn should be installed. 2. Semi-enclosed scaffolding: scaffolding covering 30% to 70% of the area.

3. Make sure that the planks are original scaffold planks in good condition. Types of scaffolding in Xianning-how much is a set of scaffolding on site