The history of ladders

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The history of ladders

Who invented this simple instrument and the importance for human beings of simple tools.

The history of mankind and the ladders

Have you ever wondered how you ended up using your ladders like you do today?

It may never have crossed your mind, but there is an interesting story behind the ladder's invention that is worth taking a look at.

Here is a brief history of how the ladder came to be what we know today as a ladder.

Old history:

No one knows when ladders were originally invented as a concept.

However, they are said to have been used for at least 10,000 years.

Images of ladders from this era were found in a Mesolithic cave painting in a cave in Valencia, Spain.

This implies that they were as important tools many years ago as they are today.

ladders are mentioned in the Bible. Jacob dreamed that he saw a ladder that reached from heaven to earth. The Hebrews and Egyptians would have used them too.

The Egyptians needed a way to scale those pyramids!


Long ago, ladders were made from reeds like bamboo, grass, and wood instead of modern materials like aluminum and steel.

Wooden ladders were used in medieval sieges to enter battle and scale enemy walls. They were even used in naval warfare to get on board enemy ships and be used as a bridge to cross from one ship to another.

Modern ladders

The first stepladder was invented in 1862 by John H. Basely of Dayton.

It basically added hinges so your ladder could be folded up and out of the way. An excellent idea that has accompanied us a lot!

The first fire escape was invented in 1878 by Joseph Winters. With buildings being built taller and taller, metal ladders were installed at the exterior windows to facilitate escape.

The ladders today

There aren't many homes these days that don't have some kind of ladder, be it a stepladder, fold down ladders, or fixed ladders to climb onto something like bunk beds or a boat.

Today in any DIY store or online store we can find a wide variety of ladders available.

We've put together a quick list of some modern uses for ladders:

·To climb the ladder of a catamaran for dogs

·To paint buildings or interiors

·About fire engines and fire escapes

·To enter attics and lofts

·To build and roof

·In gymnastics

·For window cleaning

·Air rescue

·In swimming pools


Fortunately, modern ladders tend to be very light to carry. Examples of ladder materials are now made with include:

Aluminium ladder

Steel ladders

Wooden ladders

Of rubber