The quality and size of aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform

Industry I 2020-12-14, Number of views:25

The quality and size of the aluminum alloy scaffolding mobile platform must meet the safety regulations. The aluminum is made of T6-6061, 2mm thick and 0.75 meters wide; it can independently perform operations in narrow spaces; the load-bearing weight of the pedal is more than 200 kg per square meter; Workers working on the sidelines set up fences for protection; there are strong safety belt attachment points for operations above 2 meters; the weight of a single caster accessory is not less than 450 kg; the lessor with a multi-layer working platform above 6 meters is excellent.


Hot-dip galvanized plate buckle scaffolding, climbing equipment-aluminum frame, if equipped with a professional construction team, there are 2-40 meters of various specifications of the project erection plan, the production process is strictly implemented in accordance with the EU EN-1004 standard, the plant is large, Well-equipped, strict quality inspection, sufficient stock, and industry-leading levels are generally good. The manufacturer produces a complete range of styles for users to choose from, including straight ladder wide frame, straight ladder narrow frame, inclined ladder wide frame, inclined ladder narrow frame, double-wide aluminum frame, single-width aluminum frame, folding straight ladder Frames, buckle brackets, quick-installed scaffolds and mobile scaffolds. The above styles can meet the needs of high-altitude maintenance, building decoration, stage construction, high-altitude cleaning, climbing maintenance and other places; the needs of flat ground, sand, stairs and other places.


Which is the best price for aluminum scaffolding rental in 2020? Take Guangdong Province as an example. Manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Dongguan and Yangjiang. The prices of first-hand sources are often much cheaper than those of several middlemen. Most manufacturers only accept large-volume leasing, and the overall accounting price of scattered and single leasing nearby is more favorable.